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The Academy of Finance is a nonprofit organization whose basic purpose is the development and recognition of individual efforts in the field of finance and insurance. The major objectives are:

  • to promote the association of finance and insurance professionals;

  • to provide programs aimed at improvement of teaching, research and writing by allowing application and exchange of finance and insurance related ideas;

  • to provide a forum for the publication of the results of research and other scholarly work;

  • to recognize excellence in research and writing in the fields of finance and insurance; and

  • to provide discussion and information exchange concerning ongoing research activity.

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The Academy of Finance is one of 12 affiliated organizations that make up the MBAA International.

 The Academy of Finance holds an annual conference and publishes the Journal of Finance Issues.


Dates: March 25 - 27
The Palmer House Hilton Hotel,  Chicago, IL


Program Chair:
Hongbok Lee

Western Illinois University


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